We wish to point out that CADHOC® is an automatic system designer and we reserve the right to make technical modifications at any time. The applications engineering consulting provided by GÜNTHER may be regarded only as non-binding information and it does not release the customer from the necessity of carrying out his own tests on the products supplied by GÜNTHER to check if they are suitable for his intended purpose. The customer himself is responsible for the usability of the products ordered from us and delivered by us because this lies beyond the scope of Günther’s control. For consultation based on CADHOC®, GÜNTHER’s liability to pay compensation under the statutory provisions shall apply without restriction if a breach of obligation attributable to GÜNTHER in this context is based on a wilful act or gross negligence. In so far as a breach of obligation attributable to GÜNTHER is based on ordinary negligence and an essential contractual obligation has been culpably infringed, the liability to pay compensation shall be limited to the foreseeable damage that typically arises in comparable cases. In other respects, liability is excluded.

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